Stuart Hornett and Richard Clegg represented co-defendants in the High Court in feud over East Thurrock Football Club


Stuart Hornett and Richard Clegg represented the additional parties and defendant a in family feud over East Thurrock Football Club in the High Court. Their clients claimed that they helped the claimant rescue the club, which had substantial debts and was close to being repossessed. The club was acquired from the trustees with no purchase price being paid but they were expected to clear outstanding debts.

Other members of their family and friends worked to turn around the failing club. This involvement however ceased when they were all excluded by the claimant and the club was registered in the name of the claimant’s daughter. Although, never put in writing the defendant and additional parties claim that there was agreement that they would own shares for their involvement and efforts which was either partnership or gave rise to a constructive trust.

Following interest from developers to purchase the land the club sits on for over £10m they have become locked in a High Court battle. The trial was heard for 12 days in March and they are now awaiting judgment.

The case has been covered by The Times, The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and The Evening Standard.