Diversity data

1. Selborne Chambers is required by the Bar Standards Board to give you the opportunity to submit diversity data so that such data may be published in anonymised summary form.

You are under no obligation to provide diversity data and if you submit diversity data, you do so voluntarily.

2. Apart from data relating to religion or belief and sexual orientation, which will not be published unless there is consent from all members of the workforce (which includes pupils and mini-pupils), any diversity data that you submit will be processed for the purposes of publishing an anonymous summary on the Selborne Chambers website or made available on request to members of the public in electronic or hard copy form.

3. Diversity data you submit relating to religion or belief and sexual orientation will be anonymised and held by the Selborne Chambers Diversity Data Officer (who is currently Neil Mendoza) but not published. The anonymous summary will categorise each diversity
characteristic against job status and role, in a manner that reflects seniority within Selborne Chambers.

4. If you would like further information about the collection and use of diversity data, please refer to our Diversity Data Policy available by writing to Neil Mendoza (Data Diversity Officer) at Selborne Chambers, 10 Essex Street, London WC2R 3AA. You have the right to object to the use of your diversity data at any time, or withdraw your consent to its use by contacting the Diversity Data Officer as referred to above.