Challenge to Validity of Sale Contracts: Skelwith (Leisure) Ltd v Armstrong [2015] EWHC 2830 (Ch)


Newey J has handed down his judgment in Skelwith (Leisure) Ltd v Armstrong [2015] EWHC 2830 (Ch). The case concerned certain contracts for the sale of a property known as the Flaxby Golf Club entered into between Polar Holdings Ltd as vendor and Flaxby Park Ltd as purchaser. The claimant, Skelwith (Leisure) Ltd, was the registered proprietor of the Club, but it had charged the property to a Mr Armstrong (who, in turn, had assigned his rights to Polar). Skelwith challenged the validity of the contract between Polar and Flaxby. Skelwith and Flaxby each sought to have the matter disposed of summarily in their favour.

Mark Warwick QC acted for various members of the Armstrong family.