Sarah Walker

Call: 2013

Sarah has a broad Commercial Chancery practice, in line with Chambers’ areas of specialism, and regularly deals with disputes including a multi-jurisdictional dimension.  She is in high demand, with clients valuing her tenacious advocacy style as well as her responsive and commercial approach to advisory work. She appears regularly in her own right in the High Court, County Courts and First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) and has considerable experience as a junior in higher value and more complex litigation.

Notable recent/ongoing work includes:

  • Successfully acting for one of two defendants in a partnership dispute and unfair prejudice petition involving approximately £30 million of assets, led by Stuart Hornett [Badyal v Badyal [2018] EWHC 68(Ch)]. Preparations for an account are ongoing.
  • Acting as sole Counsel in relation to a fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation, breach of contract and tracing claim arising out of an investment of nearly £700,000 in a property development project.
  • An alleged multi-million pound international vintage car fraud, led by Justin Kitson.
  • A partnership dispute in relation to property developments in the UK and France.
  • The rights of a major water company to emergency drainage over another individual’s land.
  • Acting for a property developer, led by Gary Blaker QC, in a dispute arising out of the breakdown of a joint venture in relation to an ultra-mansion in Central London.
  • Commercial

    Sarah undertakes work in all aspects of commercial litigation.  Sarah’s clients include well-known entities such as the Richemont Group and the Kennel Club as well as small businesses and individuals. Her current and recent instructions include:

    • Advising on a claim arising out of the theft of more than £100,000 worth of clothing. The matter included consideration of the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road as well as breach of contract and bailment.
    • Preparing a claim against a well-known jazz musician for breach of contract and restitution in relation to an international concert.
    • Acting for a beauty events organiser in relation to a failed mail marketing campaign.
    • Advising on and pleading a Defence to a claim for unpaid fees arising out of work carried out for the benefit of an unincorporated company.
    • Acting in trial for the owner of a vintage Jaguar car which was damaged whilst being shipped from the US to the UK.
  • Civil Fraud & Asset Recovery

    Sarah has considerable experience bringing and defending claims including allegations of dishonesty.  She has been involved in cases alleging “sham” documents as well as cases involving professional negligence claims involving mortgage/identity fraud, vintage car fraud and property investment project fraud.  Recent and notable cases include:

    • Committal proceedings, led by Romie Tager QC, arising out of a civil fraud and misrepresentation claim involving a multi-million pound property investment scheme.
    • Acting as sole Counsel in relation to a fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation, breach of contract and tracing claim arising out of an investment of nearly £700,000 in a property development project.
    • Acting for two of approximately 15 proposed defendants in relation to an alleged multi-million pound international vintage car fraud, led by Justin Kitson. The matter included a one-day hearing to determine whether the claimant was entitled to resurrect proceedings in the High Court, following an election to pursue the matter in New York.
    • Advising an international IT company in relation to whether senior personnel had deleted potentially incriminating company documents from hard drives and cloud drives.
  • Company & Partnership

    Sarah has experience in Company and Partnership matters.  She has experience in dealing with unfair prejudice applications and protecting the rights of minority shareholders as well as just and equitable winding up.  Her recent and current instructions include:

    • Defending a claim arising out of a partnership dispute and unfair prejudice petition involving approximately £30 million of assets, led by Stuart Hornett [Badyal v Badyal [2018] EWHC 68(Ch)]. Preparations for an account are ongoing.
    • Advising an individual in relation to her liabilities arising out of several property development projects carried on in partnership.
    • Advising in relation to restoring a company to the register for the purposes of dealing with assets which had not been disposed of prior to strike off.


  • Insolvency

    Sarah’s practice covers both corporate and individual insolvency matters. Many of the commercial and property cases she has been involved in have included an insolvency element.  However, she also appears as an advocate on behalf of debtors and creditors in pure insolvency proceedings. Recently, she has:

    • Successfully represented a number of companies seeking validation orders in the High Court.
    • Represented the applicant in an application to set aside a statutory demand.
    • Intervened on behalf of a creditor in an appeal to the High Court under the new rules for voluntary bankruptcy applications.


  • Landlord & Tenant

    Sarah represents and advises landlords, tenants and lenders in relation to residential and commercial properties. She is regularly instructed on possession and forfeiture matters as well as disrepair claims, service charge disputes and 1954 Act lease renewals.

    Current and recent instructions include:

    • Advising a lender on the effect of the Crown’s disclaimer of the leasehold interest, against which its charge is secured.
    • Possession proceedings in relation to a Rent Act tenancy.
    • Proceedings brought by a leaseholder arising out of a failure to convey the garage associated with the relevant lease. The multi-party claim includes issues relating to proprietary estoppel and attornment as well as relief from forfeiture pursuant to the High Court’s inherent jurisdiction.
    • Acting for a tenant of a mixed-use building in the West End, led by Phillip Kremen, to challenge a service charge bill of nearly £1 million in both the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) and the High Court.


  • Professional Negligence

    Sarah acts for and advises claimants and defendants in professional negligence claims particularly in relation to legal, conveyancing and accounting practices. Sarah’s cases include:

    • Acting for the intended beneficiary of a will in a claim against solicitors for negligently failing to follow up on a draft will sent to the elderly client.
    • Advising on a potential claim against a local authority following its failure to remove tenants from a property.
    • A claim against a firm of solicitors for negligently drafting a sale agreement, conditional on planning.
  • Real Property

    Sarah undertakes work on real property matters in areas including co-ownership disputes, boundary disputes, easements (particularly rights of way and rights to light), adverse possession and party wall litigation. Sarah’s clients include Thames Water, local authorities as well as individuals.  Recent matters include:

    • Acting, with Justin Kitson, in a claim in relation to a long-running family dispute regarding the ownership of a valuable South London property. They successfully obtained permission for a second appeal to the Court of Appeal on a number of issues arising out of an application for security for costs. However, following further developments in the litigation, Sarah and Justin were able to obtain a judgment in favour of the client and avoid the costs of a full trial.
    • A claim in nuisance and trespass between neighbours involving insolvency issued in addition to real property issues.
    • A family dispute over the ownership of a property in the High Court, involving common intention constructive trusts, resulting trusts and proprietary estoppel as well as allegations of forgery.
    • Acting for a major water company in relation to its rights to drain water over neighbouring land.
    • Advising property owners in relation to a boundary dispute with their neighbours.
    • Acting for the beneficiary of a Party Wall Award in litigation to enforce the award.
  • Trusts, Probate & Estates

    Sarah’s property practice regularly includes consideration of probate and administration matters.  She has experience in dealing with claims for family provision under the 1975 Act and incapacity as well as dealing with breach of trust and tracing claims in asset recovery.  Recent cases include:

    • Defending possession proceedings brought by an administrator on the basis of proprietary estoppel and an alternative claim for provision under the 1975 Act.
    • Advising in relation to a potential claim brought by the current administrator of an estate against the previous administrator and their solicitors. The matter involved consideration of an application for pre-action disclosure.
  • Notable Cases

    Badyal v Badyal [2018] EWHC 68(Ch)

    Appeared for the Second Defendant (led by Stuart Hornett) in a claim arising out of a partnership dispute and petition under s.994 of the CA 2006. The case involved serious allegations and counter-allegations of fraud, breaches of director’s duties and setting up competing businesses. Sarah and Stuart were successful on all the above points, resisted the petition under s.994 CA 2006 and established that many UK and Indian companies’ assets worth £30 million+ were partnership property or held on trust. The Court awarded the Second Defendant indemnity costs of the action.

    Chuku v Chuku (2017-18) CLCL/Ch/CA

    Successfully obtained permission to appeal on two important points relating to security for costs (led by Justin Kitson on a direct access basis). The appeal hearing before the Court of Appeal was vacated because Sarah and Justin were able to obtain a favourable judgment for the client on the substantive dispute, without having to go to full trial.

    Al-Nesnas v Al-Najar and others (2017) Ch

    Acted for the Claimant (led by Romie Tager QC) in committal proceedings arising out of a claim for civil fraud and breach of contract and following a successful application for a freezing order. The committal proceedings were settled prior to the full hearing. Sarah has continued to be involved in various satellite issues relating to the beneficial interests held in various properties related to the Defendants.

    Re: Ferretti (2016) Ch.

    Sarah acted for a world-renowned hair stylist (led by Romie Tager QC and Stuart Hornett) in a complex shareholder/company dispute involving injunctive and interim relief before settlement was achieved.


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