Social responsibility

Being socially responsible is a core value at Selborne. Our members and staff are proud to support numerous charitable causes both as individuals and as a chambers. Causes and initiatives about which we are particularly passionate are:

  • Access to the Bar

    Chambers participates in the Bar Placement Scheme, operated by the Bar Council in partnership with other charities. As part of this scheme, we welcome students each year from non-traditional backgrounds for the Bar. Chambers also support IntoUniversity, a charity focused on helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds attain tertiary education or achieve their chosen ambition.

  • Access to legal services

    Members undertake pro bono work in connection with Advocate or CLIPS (Chancery Bar Litigant in Person Support Scheme) as well as providing reviewing services and more indirect support to such charities. In this regard, Chambers are proud to be a Bronze Circle Pro Bono Patron of Advocate and to support the London Legal Support Trust through participation in the London Legal Walk.

  • Combatting homelessness

    Being conscious of our areas of expertise, combatting homelessness is a focus of individual members’ and Chambers’ charitable work. Chambers continues to support LandAid, a charity working to end youth homelessness in the UK. Members aim to participate in the LandAid 10k each June and the Steptober Challenge each October. In 2019, Chambers supported LandAid as our selected charity for our Annual Quiz and was officially recognised as a ‘Supporter’ of LandAid.

  • The environment

    Chambers is committed to reducing waste and protecting the environment in our practice. To promote this cause, we have carefully selected suppliers with similar values and continue to encourage and facilitate members in recycling, reducing printing and paper use and increasing use of public transport and alternative transport methods where possible.

  • Responsible employment

    Chambers recognises the severity of issues around modern slavery and human trafficking and is committed to preventing any such issues within its own supply chain. Please see the chambers policy for further information.

    We are enthusiastic about developing new initiatives to promote social responsibility as well as maintaining our current work. We are proud to be a year one member of the Heart of the City’s Foundation Programme and, with their assistance, hope to continue improving our responsible contributions.

  • Wellbeing

    Selborne Chambers is delighted to be recognised by the Bar Council for its work on wellbeing under the Certificate of Recognition scheme. As part of the initiative, Chambers undertook an anonymous survey to identify what it did well to encourage wellbeing, and what it could improve. Using the results, Chambers adopted a Wellbeing Policy and appointed two Wellbeing Representatives. In 2019, Chambers has an excellent programme of events to promote wellbeing available to members and staff, and circulates monthly updates with details of external events and resources. Chambers firmly believe in the value of promoting wellbeing at the Bar, and actively supports its members and staff in meeting the challenges of demanding work.