Instructing us

We aim to make the process of instructing us simple, with a straight-forward, user-friendly approach designed to ensure that clients receive the standard of service they require. We understand the need to be flexible and to work together as a team to provide practical solutions.

Our clerks will help you to find the barrister best suited to your needs and will adopt a transparent approach when discussing fees. Our clerks are always willing to provide estimates of fees and a timetable for completing work. To obtain a quotation, please call 020 7420 9500 or email

We accept instructions from the following:

  • Solicitors
  • Other authorised litigators
  • Employed barristers
  • Legal advice centres in England & Wales;
  • European lawyers registered with the Law Society, and lawyers, professionals and individuals from other jurisdictions;
  • Licensed professionals in the UK under the Licensed Access scheme;
  • Members of the public under the Public Access scheme

All instructions undertaken by members of Selborne Chambers are carried out pursuant to our terms of business.

Several members of Selborne Chambers are qualified to accept instructions directly from members of the public under the Public Access scheme, i.e. without the involvement of solicitors. For more information on the scheme, please see the Public Access Guidance for Lay Clients produced by the Bar Standards Board.

Pricing & Timescales
The pricing models most commonly used by members of Selborne Chambers are hourly rates or fixed fees agreed by reference to an hourly rate. For multi-day advocacy work, barristers will typically charge a brief fee (a fixed fee to cover preparation and the first day of the hearing) and a refresher (a fixed fee for each subsequent day of the hearing). Fees include VAT unless otherwise specified.

Timescales for paper-based work will be influenced by the complexity of the dispute, the volume of documentation to review, the need to obtain further documentation or instructions, and the availability of the client, the barrister, and any relevant third parties. Timescales for advocacy work will also depend upon the caseload and waiting times of the Court or Tribunal in question.

Bar Standards Board’s Barristers’ Register
Selborne Chambers Limited and the Barrister practising from Selborne Chambers are regulated by the Bar Standards Board. The BSB’s Barristers’ Register shows (i) who has a current practising certificate, and (ii) whether a barrister has any disciplinary findings against them, details of which are published on the Barristers’ Register.

  • England & Wales

    The expertise of Selborne Chambers covers the whole commercial chancery spectrum. (Please click here to view our areas of practice in England & Wales and other jurisdictions.)

    This website contains extensive information on Chambers’ and individual barristers’ expertise, but please do not hesitate to contact the clerks for further information.

  • Other jurisdictions

    Barristers at Selborne Chambers accept instructions from a wide variety of other jurisdictions. A large number of barristers in Chambers have knowledge and experience of foreign jurisdictions with links to English law, and some appear regularly in such jurisdictions. Further details can be obtained by contacting our clerks.

  • Licensed access

    Under the Licensed Access scheme (formerly ‘Direct Professional Access’), barristers at Selborne Chambers accept instructions from professional individuals and organisations licensed by the Bar Council. Guidance on the scheme and a list of licensees can be found on the Bar Council website.

  • Public access

    Under the Public Access Rules, suitably qualified members of Selborne Chambers are, in appropriate cases, able to take instructions direct from members of the public, commercial and non-commercial organisations.

    Guidance and a list of members able to undertake work in this way are available from the Bar Council.

    Our clerks are always willing to guide members of the public as to an appropriate barrister and the operation of the scheme.