Instructing us

We aim to make the process of instructing us simple, with a straight-forward, user-friendly approach designed to ensure that clients receive the standard of service they require. We understand the need to be flexible and to work together as a team to provide practical solutions.

Our clerks will help you to find the barrister best suited to your needs and will adopt a transparent approach when discussing fees. Our clerks are always willing to provide estimates of fees and a timetable for completing work.

We accept instructions from the following:

  • Solicitors
  • Other authorised litigators
  • Employed barristers
  • Legal advice centres in England & Wales;
  • European lawyers registered with the Law Society, and lawyers, professionals and individuals from other jurisdictions;
  • Licensed professionals in the UK under the Licensed Access scheme;
  • Members of the public under the Public Access scheme

All instructions undertaken by members of Selborne Chambers are carried out pursuant to our terms of business.